Listing & Share Data

Allgreentech is a public company based in the United Kingdom and plans to go for a public listing soon

Company Name Allgreentech International Limited
Company No. 7216586
Number of Shares Outstanding 325,639,761
Paid-up Capital GBP 32,563,976
Class of Shares Ordinary Shares
Nominal Value GBP 0.10 per share
End of Fiscal Year December 31
Accounting Standard IAS/IFRS
Registered Address Tricor Suite, 4th Floor, 50 Mark Lane, London           EC3R 7QR,   United Kingdom
Auditors PKF Littlejohn LLP
Company Secretary Tricor Services Europe LLP


Company Secretary & Registered Office:

Tricor Services Europe LLP
Tricor Suites, 4th Floor, 50 Mark Lane,  London EC3R 7QR, United Kingdom
tel. +44 (0)20 3216 2000