Upcoming Plans Of The Company

While the current business essentially handles the galvanizing of metals (some of these are used in the renewable energies sector like solar and wind turbines), we have other business involved in the LED lighting systems.  The Board is strategically moving toward acquisitions in the renewable energies and related projects.

Areas of focus include:

  • Acquisition of businesses that manufacture energy saving lights by up to 80% or more. These will tie in well with solar energy systems and wind energy projects (multi-billion dollar industries)
  • Alternative energy projects including, solar, wind and related energy systems
  • Energy saving devices or systems
  • Resources enhancing and development businesses

Our Plants

MMG has a hot-Dip Metal Galvanizing plant that it owns and is located at Meru, Klang in the state of Selangor. The plant size is 95,285 sq. ft.

With a production capacity of 60,000 tons per annum, it provides 100% hot-dip galvanizing services to local steel suppliers and project management companies that are involved in domestic and overseas projects such as Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.



MMG's All-Weather Corrosion Protection (AWCP©) provides the highest level of quality and corrosion protection available only at our facilities. Our unique coating process requires using the highest grade of zinc (99.995% pure) and other quality materials. Clients get worry free and maintenance free long-term protection for their facilities, projects and infrastructure.

LED lightings for the home, industrial, commercial and public sector use are made for export AGT Industries is involved in the securing of projects and contracts for the subsidiaries.  



Our clients range from heavy industries to government projects in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, North America and the Middle East.