The Business

Our operational focus is aimed at three areas: Energy, Resources and the Environment.

Strategic objective

Allgreentech is committed to developing, nurturing and supporting green technology in existing companies, while at the same time adding value to our portfolio through increased operational efficiencies and market reach.

Overall, our objective is to make incremental and positive contributions to the environment in practically every kind of business, be it in manufacturing, services, resources, infrastructure or existing green projects.

Acquisition selection

We identify reasonably profitable companies that have proven products or services, identified and well-established markets and with operations that have a potential for going green.

Ultimately, we are looking to exploit synergies between our portfolio companies.

Operational management

Through our Asian investment management arm, Acepoint Venture, Allgreentech controls 100% of the shares in all the companies we invest in.

After acquisition, we provide all of the needed assistance each company needs including, but not limited to: strategic planning, management assistance, facilities development, equipment enhancement and funding.

Our operational focus is aimed at three areas: Energy, Resources and the Environment.

  • Energy - Reduce, recycle or using alternatives
  • Resources - Sustainability, recycle and producing more with less
  • Environment - Cleaning it, sustaining it and maintaining it

Our policy is to ensure that each company operates independently and its management is responsible for its own profitability and operations.

Green Case Study

One of our subsidiaries, Malaysian Mega Galvaniser (MMG), is a hot-dip metal galvanizing firm that we made more energy efficient by turning to natural gas to fire the burners instead of using diesel. This saved more than 63% in energy costs, reduced pollution and made the business more efficient. Prior to the conversion, energy costs were 9.46% of total operating costs.

A more efficient solar powered complex is now being worked on to reduce the use of natural gas and provide power for the whole industrial complex, making MMG more self sufficient and taking it one step closer to becoming a true "green" company. Additionally, the immense amount of heat generated by its burners is being explored for its potential to be recycled effectively and put to better use.